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Kiri Cottage Crafts Club Workshop with Sharon Regan

Kiri Cottage Craft Club Seashell Resin Art 4

Sharon Regan came along to Kiri Cottage Craft club this morning to run a seashell and resin workshop. It was very enjoyable, and a bit challenging to those like myself who had not painted anything since school!

Kiri Cottage Crafts Club Next Meeting Dates

Kiri Cottage Craft Club 1

Next meeting dates are:

Tuesday 27 February 10am – 1pm
Tuesday 12 March 10am – 1pm
Tuesday 26 March 10am – 1pm
Tuesday 9 April 10am – 1pm
Tuesday 23 April 10am – 1pm

Kiri Cottage Crafts Club 16th January 2024

Kiri Cottage Craft Club 16th January 2024

This afternoon we worked with peg looms, to create sample rag rugs. Really quick, easy and effective way to do produce pretty rugs with the added advantage  of recycling old clothes, curtains, bed linen and any other scraps of materials in your stash!

Kiri Cottage Crafts Club 10th January 2024

Kiri Cottage Craft Club 10th January 2024

Great fun today with two lovely ladies, who thought they were coming for a therapeutic, social, craft day, and both learned to spin. And we developed knitting skills in the afternoon, mastering plain, purl and rib.

Kiri Cottage Crafts Club Chosen Charity

Equine Halfway House

Turk and McTavish from Equine halfway house pony rescue and refuge – Equine Welfare Network saying thank you for the donation from Kiri Cottage Crafts Club members!

Kiri Cottage Crafts Club 21st November

We had a lovely, creative evening at the craft club today.

Karen furthered her spinning skills and learned to ply wool.

Margaret and Miriam brought their knitting – both producing small items for charity sales.

Jill brought crochet hooks and started on Granny squares.

I had some Valois black nose fleece that I had washed and dyed, ready to be carded and spun for a client. I was able to finish carding, and spun most of it. I will finish spinning it tomorrow.

Next open house craft club will be Thursday 7 December, 10am to 1pm. Tea, coffee and buns on tap. No charge just a voluntary spare change contribution to Equine Halfway House Rescue and Refuge, based in Lisburn.

Future dates:

Thursday 7 December, 10am – 1pm

Tuesday 19 December 6 – 9pm

Thursday 4 January 10am – 1pm

Tuesday 16 January 6- 9pm

Thursday 1 February 10am – 1pm

Look forward to seeing you!