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Kiri Cottage Make Along Week 1

I decided to make something for myself for a change, and came across this ‘Make Along’ from the Danish wool sales company Hobbii:

Interestingly, they don’t let you see the final garment, but release parts of the pattern every week over a six week period.  There is both a knitted and a crochet option, and you can buy a kit from them, or buy your own wool and access the pattern for free.

The web site blurb says:

The design is very much inspired by a Quilt exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London. And the pattern designer is color queen Katie Jones herself! Wait what – you have not heard of Katie Jones yet? This times Hobbii Make-Along designer is a British crochet and knitting heroine who lives and breathes colors!

Her designs are creative, vibrant, and delightfully playful. Katie is especially known for her crochet designs but, lucky us, she is also an exceptional knitwear designer.

I’m only at the early stages of this at the moment, and this time round I’m not using my own hand-dyed wool. I’m excited to see what it ends up being. Watch this space for updates!

Kiri Cottage Make Along Week 1. Hobbii