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Exciting News!

Kiri Cottage Make Along 2

I have been working very hard putting together a programme for the next couple of weeks. These are workshops, both old and brand new, being run from my premises at Kiri Cottage.

Knit for Nowt!

‘Worry Monsters’ are used by therapists to help children deal with their worries and concerns. They have a big pouch in their tummies where children can put their worries, written on paper, and the monster eats them. 

Kircubbin – The Ards Peninsula: An Ulster-Scots Heartland

We meet Christine Casey, owner of Kiri Cottage Crafts and a traditional hand spinner and weaver who is keeping the skills alive which have flourished here for generations. Produced with the support of Northern Ireland Screen’s Ulster-Scots Broadcast Fund, over this series the Virtual Visit team are going to be tracing the legacy of Ulster-Scots settlers in this area and giving you a guided “in-person” virtual tour of the local heritage, history, stories and culture, accompanied by a local tour guide. The series has been shot using a 360° camera.